Port Elgin

6/24/17 – 6/25/17: We were eager to get to Port Elgin, as we had already spent 3 nights in Tobermory riding out bad weather and were ready to move on. We checked the weather for the next day, and saw that it would be sunny but a bit cool, winds in the morning around 10-15 knots diminishing in the afternoon (and further south) to 5-10 knots, and waves predicted to be 2-3 feet. It seemed liked favorable conditions for our 55 mile journey. We left Tobermory, and do you think the wind and waves were as they predicted? We will give you one guess.

As we left Tobermory Harbor, the winds were brisk at 15 knots, and the waves were about 3 feet. Ok, just as they predicted! As we rounded Cape Hurd (about 7 miles outside Tobermory) and set our course south for Port Elgin, we quickly realized the forecasters (once again) got it wrong. The winds rose to 20 knots, and the waves climbed to 6-8 feet. The thought of turning back crossed our minds, but they said the winds and waves would diminish the further south we went and also later in the morning / afternoon. We don’t know why we keep listening to “them”. With as much incorrect forecasts as we’ve had, why would this one be any more correct? It wasn’t. We had high winds and 6-8 foot waves the entire 55 miles (9+ hours). By the time we got to Port Elgin, we were sore from fighting the waves (and hanging on for dear life lol), and a little bit numb to it all.

Port Elgin is a very busy marina. As we approached, we saw at least 20 boats out in the lake near the marina, and a handful going in and out of the harbor. The marina itself has around 250 slips, most of which were occupied. It was definitely a “marina rat” marina, though, as there is really nowhere to go out in the lake, so most people appear to just day sail, and many others just hang around the docks “socializing”.

After pulling in to our slip and tidying up the boat (down below was a complete mess from everything falling off shelves, counters, and the table), we grabbed a quick shower and walked down to the local beach cafe for dinner. The cafe was located, where else, by the beach! And a nice beach it was. It was right next to the marina, about a mile long, and had several sand volleyball courts, a children’s playground, a picnic pavilion, and a nice boardwalk in front of it. On our way back to the boat, we stopped to witness a beach wedding.

We hope Port Elgin is just an overnight visit, as we really want to make some ground up after all the weather delays in the past month. But looking at the forecast and current radar, we may be here for another night (again). [Update 6/25/17: We did end up spending another night – more storms and more high winds.]

Will the brave (and somewhat foolish) couple make it to Maine (or even Kincardine, 23 miles south)? Stay tuned…

Pics of Port Elgin

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    • Pat buys them in bulk, 600 at a time… Lol…

      But on that trip, we needed a whole bottle (and in Kate’s case, the bottle is Bacardi, not Dramamine).

      It was a part of the trip we will remember fondly (sarcasm).

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