South Benjamin Island

6/13/17: Our second anchorage in The North Channel was at South Benjamin Island. There were several anchorages, but we chose one according to the forecasted winds. As we pulled in to the bay, all we could both say was “Wow”!

The 25 mile journey from Turnbull Island was uneventful and pretty much a straight shot to The Benjamins. We did see 3 sailboats, a trawler, and a speedboat, which was welcome after many days of seeing no other boats. There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of small rocky “islands”. Some were no more than a pile of rocks sticking out of the water, some were just a huge rock with some shrubbery, but others were large with lots of trees and vegetation. There were not many buildings – the area is quite unpopulated (which added to it’s beauty and charm), but we did see a lot of cell phone towers, and a wind farm, too!

Getting into the anchorage was a little tricky, as there were several rocks to avoid, and the distances between rock islands didn’t seem to correspond with the charts. Nevertheless, we found the entrance, and were both amazed by the stunning beauty of this small bay. It was long and narrow, and had huge rock formations on all sides. Huge trees grew among all the rocks, which made the scenery idyllic. It was truly spectacular, and we were alone in this secluded bay. The weather has become quite pleasant, and we are now kicking back in the cockpit, enjoying a little sun, and some iced tea!

Pics of South Benjamin Island

6 thoughts on “South Benjamin Island

  1. It looks like a little slice of heaven. Glad you have blue skies above you again! Much better than the ceiling of your office cube…

    • Hi Nancy,

      Good to hear from you! The weather, for the most part, is improving. Still have a few showers and storms that just don’t want to leave completely. Last night’s anchorage was beautiful, both the bay and the weather! Hope things are good at CW (you are right, my view here is much better than the ceiling at the office).

      Take care,

    • Hi Kathy,

      Yep, the weather definitely is improving! Sounds like you guys have had a few days of storms. Hopefully things improve for you, too!

      Take care!

  2. Great pics
    I’m jealous all I look at is a computer screen.

    Keep taking all the pictures, I really enjoy looking at them.

    • Hi Kris,

      The pictures don’t even come close to doing justice to the real thing. Some of the places we’ve seen are so spectacular, that you could never capture the true beauty with just a picture. They have to be seen to be truly appreciated. So far, The North Channel is turning out to be a pretty amazing place. Almost all of the pics were taken by Kate – she has a pretty amazing eye wen it comes to taking pics from a smart phone, doesn’t she? (Selfies excluded, of course…).

      Take care!
      Pat & Kate

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