8/16/17: We pulled into Brockport around 3PM after a 30 mile journey from Middleport. We only planned to stay one night, so we did the quick tour of the town.

On our way to Brockport, we had 8 lift bridges to go through. This was quite an experience and test of patience. All the bridge operators communicate with each other to let the next bridge know who passed through and who to expect. So they all know (or should know) that you are coming. And most of the time they do.

We also planned a quick stop in Holley to look at a man made waterfall that was created from the canal’s overflow. Kathy and Peter were forced to stop here as well to let a tug and barge pass, but were then told to move on as a 40 foot sailboat had made a “reservation” for the night (even though all tie up wall on the canal are supposedly first-come first-serve). The falls were somewhat unremarkable, but Holley also had a free pump-out station, so we took advantage of that.

We pulled into Brockport just behind Peter and Kathy, the couple we met in Buffalo. Shortly after we arrived, Phyllis and Bob pulled in, who we met at RCR when we unstepped our mast. We toured the town with Kathy and Peter, found an ice cream shop, and perused the book store and a couple antique shops. Later, all six of us had dinner at the Stoneyard Brewing Company.

On the way to dinner, we also saw that Colleen and Ed had pulled in, who we had met briefly in Middleport. They were doing a one week canal boat rental tour and just so happened to be going the same way we were. We had a nice conversation with them about the places to see along this stretch of the Erie Canal.

We didn’t do much in Brockport, but we enjoyed the brief time we had there (including the late night run to Dollar General).

Pics of Brockport

2 thoughts on “Brockport

  1. HI Guys,
    Seems rain and Ice Cream are a common throughout your travels. Won’t be long and the leaces will be changing. I bet you will see some beautiful color on travels.
    Take care and keep posting.

    • Yep. The two constants on our journey: rain, and ice cream shops. Some of the leaves here are already turning. Hard to believe it’s almost September.

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