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Decisions, Desicions…

4/10/18: Now that we’ve found a new home for Shanti, and knowing that we still want to sail this spring, summer, and fall, we’ve been asking ourselves, “Where should we go, knowing we want to end up in New Bern”? We’ve looked at several options, and after long discussions about the positive and negative aspects of each choice, think we’ve settled on one for this season’s cruise.
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Charlotte, NC

3/23/18 – 3/25/18: We left New Bern feeling good about our decision to bring Shanti there, but now it was time to return home. It was getting close to the expected birth of our grandchild, and we also had to get prepared for the continuation of our sailing journey. But before we left North Carolina, we stopped by Charlotte to spend a weekend with Kate’s brother and family.
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