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A little bad news

5/29/18: Well, Pat went to the dentist today to address the pain in his molar. He has a cavity between the back two molars which is going to require a root canal and crown. Yay! Unfortunately, the entire process takes a month to complete. They first do the root canal procedure. Then, two weeks after that, they do a fitting for the crown. It takes another two weeks for he crown to be made before it can finally be cemented in place. His first appointment is next Thursday, and his final one is on July 5th. We’ve decided to hang out here in Kingston until (at least) July 9th – time enough to finish his dental work and also allow the 4th of July weekend to pass.
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Return to Kingston

5/17/18 – ? : Sometime towards the end of April, we talked to the marina in Kingston to see when they planned to launch Shanti. Their reply was “We’ve been launching since early April. We’ve been waiting for a call from you to schedule your launch!”. Wow, really? We were used to the “Lake Superior” schedule, with launches starting in May and hopes that all boats were in by Memorial Day! So with the news we just heard, we did the fast scramble to get everything packed, say our goodbyes, and make the two (plus) day drive back to New York.
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