shan·ti  /ˈSHän(t)ē/  noun (from Sanskrit शान्तिः śānti)  peace, tranquility

Shantí is a 1981 Young Sun 35. Built in Taiwan, she is one of the many variations of double-ended (canoe stern) sailboats that came from that country during that era of boat building. Her history and design is somewhat uncertain. She was sold in the United States as the Young Sun, and in Europe as the Westwind. Both marketing brochures claim Bob Perry as the designer, and she’s remarkably similar to the Tayana 37 and Baba sailboats (both designed by Mr. Perry). However, he denies any affiliation to her, so where her original design actually came from is unknown. She’s a heavy displacement, full keel, cutter-rigged cruiser, and there are several still sailing the world’s oceans and great lakes today.




LOA: 39′
LWL: 29.7′
Beam: 11.2′
Draft: 5.5′
Displacement: 19,100 lbs.
Ballast: 6,700 lbs.
Hull Speed: 7.3 kn.
Fuel: 50 gal.
Water: 90 gal.
Engine: Yanmar 30hp diesel

The really geeky stats
Sail Area / Displacement: 16.12
Displacement / LWL: 325
LWL / Beam: 2.65
Capsize Ratio: 1.68
Motion Comfort: 36.09

Sail Inventory

Main (2 X 2): 312 ft2
Jib (130%): 448 ft2
Stays’l (65%): 135 ft2

Ground Tackle

Primary: SPADE S100 (44#)
Secondary: Delta (44#)
Stern: Fortress FX-37 (22#)
And for the dinghy, an adorable little
Fortress Guardian G-5 (2.5#)

Electronics, Charting, and Other Info

B&G Zeus2 9″ Chartplotter
B&G 4G Radar
B&G RC42N Triton Rate Compass
B&G T41 Triton Display
Vesper XB-8000 AIS Transponder (Class B)
Standard Horizon GX2200 VHF w/AIS & GPS
Maretron WSO100 Ultrasonic Wind & Weather
Airmar Depth, Speed & Temp Transducer
All electronics on NMEA-2000 network
ACR GlobalFix iPro 406MHz EPIRB
ACR ResQLink+ 406MHz PLB (2)
Standard Horizon HX870 Handheld VHF
Garmin GPS 72H Handheld GPS

Rose Point Navigation Coastal Explorer
Polar Navy PolarView NS

MMSI: 367623370
Call sign: WDH4988

Brochures and Articles

We’ve been able to locate what we believe to be all of the original Young Sun 35 brochures

An article from 1981 about the Young Sun 35 (Westwind)

We also found an interesting set of pictures from the Young Sun production line as they were being built. Click Here to see them!


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  1. Beautiful boat for a wonderful adventure. I am lucky to have met you on the evening prior to your departure from Washburn on this grand experience. Bon voyage! Hope to following in your footsteps before too long.

    • It was great meeting you, too. We’ve admired Snapdragon many times as we went in and out the marina. She will get you wherever you want to go…

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