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Farewell, Shanti

9/21/18: It’s been one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever had to make, but we’ve decided to bring our sailing journey to an end and sell Shanti. We’ve been discussing doing this since we arrived in Kingston, NY this past spring. Since the decision was so difficult, we kept moving forward on our way to New Bern, knowing that would be a more permanent location for her and give us time to really think about it. But hurricane Florence changed that, and prevented us from making the final push to New Bern, at least for this season.
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Yorktown & Fredericksburg

9/5/18 – ????: The past couple weeks have been challenging. Hurricane Florence stopped us dead in our tracks and changed our plans for making the final journey to New Bern. For how long, we don’t know. But during the week while her path was still unknown, we got a chance to visit Yorktown. And after her path was known and we evacuated to Fredericksburg, we spent several days exploring that town, too. There’s a lot of history in these two towns, dating all the way back to the foundations of our country.
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Update: Hurricane Florence

9/11/18: After Solomons Island, we made our way down the west coast of the Chesapeake Bay. We were heading towards Yorktown, VA, where we wanted to spend a couple days exploring this historic town. We stopped twice on the way down: our first night at a small marina near Lookout Point and our second at anchor in a small bay at the south end of Fleets Bay. After Yorktown, we intended to spent a night or two near Norfolk before heading down the ICW on our final push to New Bern. But Hurricane Florence put everything on hold, perhaps indefinitely.
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