8/29/17: Our next planned stop was at Amsterdam. We really don’t have much to say about this stop. The park along the canal, where we stopped was the only nice place for blocks around.

The park was right next to busy railroad tracks, which carried trains day and night. There had to be at least one or two an hour that went through sounding their horns. Those were right next to a busy freeway with constant, heavy traffic. To get to town, we had to walk up stairs or take an elevator to a tower which had a fenced-in walkway over the tracks and another busy road. The opposite side of the bridge was locked at night so nobody could easily access the park (which should already tell you something about the town). The walkway led further to the back of a strip mall, whose only redeeming feature was a really nice Ace Hardware. They had more tools and hardware than most others we’ve ever seen, and the people were extremely friendly and helpful. Other than that store, there wasn’t much else around.

The park itself had a restaurant that also served as the bathrooms, showers, and laundry for boaters. Unfortunately, the restaurant itself was closed. The only nice thing about the park was the simple, yet moving 9/11 memorial. It featured a single concrete girder from one of the towers with a circular stone edging marked with the date of the tragedy and the times that each tower fell. Two flags flew there, each a special 9/11 rememberence flag.

We were happy to have stayed here only one night, due to the location, surroundings, and lack of shopping and restaurants. Onward.

Pics of Amsterdam

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