8/23/17: Baldwinsville was the next stop on our canal journey. It was 49 miles from Lyons, but was the only option we had with plenty of depth at the wall to tie to. We also had 2 locks that day, plus a lake crossing, so it was going to be a long day

By now we’ve done about 10 of the 35 locks on the Erie Canal, and we have them down to a system, so these two were quite uneventful. We were also warned early about crossing Cross Lake that one of the buoys marking a submerged island was too close to the island, and that we should leave plenty of room from it. We are lucky we did, as we found out later that the buoy sits in about 4 feet of water. If we would have passed it like we normally would, we would have grounded hard. Thanks to Bob and Phyllis, and out friends from North Carolina for that bit of local knowledge!

We arrived late at Baldwinsville, and really didn’t feel like doing anything, so we made a quick dinner on the boat, chatted with Jeanne and Brian for a whole, and then called it a night, as we want to make Brewerton the following day, a journey of only 21 miles. We had to stop there, though, to potentially await a favorable weather window to cross Oneida Lake.

Pics of Baldwinsville

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