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9/6/17: After much thought and a lot of discussion, we are once again changing our plans moving forward. We have decided to have Shanti hauled and stored for the winter in Kingston, NY. There are many things that have factored in to our decision from engine issues, weather, and the desire to complete our originally planned journey.

One thing we have learned through our adventure is the need to be flexible with our plans, and this decision is no different. One of the main reasons we have chosen to haul her in New York is that we really do want to see Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the St. Lawrence Seaway. We feel it would be easier for us to head north from here, rather than going all the way to South Carolina, only to turn around and come back all this way. Our decision was made even easier with the current hurricane situation in the Atlantic. As we write this, hurricane Irma has just torn through and destroyed much of the Virgin Islands and is headed towards Florida and/or the east coast. Following close behind is hurricane Jose, with a trajectory towards the east coast. Traversing the intracoastal waterway would be difficult if a hurricane hit the east coast.

Once Shanti is ready to be hauled in Kingston, we will make our way back to the midwest to visit family. From there we will make our way to Arizona to visit family there, stopping to see the sights along the way. After the holidays, we hope to spend some time on the east coast, exploring new communities and marinas for a potential new home for Shanti after our trip north is complete. So for a while we will be “drifters” on an extended road trip (yes, Samantha, we are coming to visit)!

We still intend to update our website / blog from all the places we travel to, and we also have a few posts to write from the final stops we’ve made since Waterford. We will work on those in the days to come, and will continue the others as we go along (but perhaps not as frequently).

This decision has been bittersweet. We are sad to see our sailing journey end for the season, but are excited about the people and places we will visit in the coming months. Stay tuned for for further posts as our adventure continues.

5 thoughts on “Updated Plans

  1. I applaud the flexibility. That’s part of what cruising should be about. I have been following along, and will continue to do so. Hope to be able to read about the Canadian Maritimes next year – or wherever your journey takes you. I have learned a lot that (hopefully) will come to help Maria and I sail Snapdragon east in the future. Happy travels!

    • Hi Dave!

      It’s good to hear from you! Hope you had a good summer sailing. One thing we’ve already learned is not to discount the things you think you may not enjoy. We thought the Erie Canal was going to be less fun than sailing on the Great Lakes, but we couldn’t have been more wrong (even with our sailboat converted into a trawler). We’ve seen some amazing country and have met some even more amazing people from all over the US, Canada, and even New Zealand! It’s been an incredible journey and a great ending to our season.

      As you and Maria prepare for your journey, feel free to reach out to us – we’d be more than happy to share whatever we can!

      Take care,
      Pat & Kate

  2. Hi Kate & Pat,
    Like we talked about when you set out on this journey, nothing was written in stone. You are at a point in life where you can do what you want and how lucky you are to have that ability.
    We will have to get together when you are back in Minnesota, I also have enjoyed following your travels.
    Hope to see you in the near future.
    Have a safe jouney back

  3. I am so excited that the two of you got to do so much!!!!
    It definitely sounds more exciting than a “desk job” ha ha.
    We both miss you….your tenants are doing fine. I don’t talk to them that much, but boy, do they cook a lot! The hallway always smells good.

    We will keep watching your posts as this is us vicariously living through you two… ha ha

    Linda and Rick (upstairs)

    • Linda and Rick,

      Good to hear from you! Hope you both are doing well!
      Happy to hear the tenants are doing good.
      We are making our way back to MN right now, and are currently in Williamsport, PA. We will be stopping in Rockford, IL and Rhinelander, WI on our way.
      We hope to start our road trip in early to mid October.

      Take care!
      Pat and Kate

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