Rockford, IL

2/24/18: Even before we left Pensacola Beach, they were forecasting a huge storm in the Midwest. It was about 3 or 4 days out when we left, and we hoped to make it back to Minnesota before it hit. We were throwing a baby shower in Rockford for Samantha and Brad the following weekend, and we offered to drive Kate’s parents and aunt to the shower. So, we left Pensacola Beach with a little sadness (we were leaving sunshine and beach for a snowstorm??), but also with some excitement, too. We knew we were going to be grandparents, but we didn’t know if they were having a girl or boy. They planned to announce that at the shower.

We managed to beat the storm that hit Minnesota and Wisconsin, but on our way through Illinois we drove through a separate storm that brought us 8 hours of rain, sleet, snow, freezing rain, and icy roads. We booked a motel room in Janesville, WI for the night, and when we got about 5 miles from there the skies cleared and the sun came out. We had to laugh as that’s exactly the same thing that happened to us (many times) on our sail across the Great Lakes only a few months prior. Did we do something that angered the weather gods?

But, we made it back safely and made the drive back to Rockford a few days later, along with Kate’s parents and aunt. On a previous visit to Rockford, we reserved the private room at Tavern on Clark, and also set up the menu we’d be having for the shower. We still had all the last minute things to do, though, such as blow up balloons, wrap party favors, and decorate the private room. Kate’s sister-in-law and niece, Amy and Kali, flew in from North Carolina to attend the shower. They helped with much of the planning and also with the party set up, which we were extremely grateful for.

The party itself was really nice. Everyone who RSVP’d was there, which was most of Kate’s aunts, uncles, and cousins, as well as a few of Sam and Brad’s friends. And the restaurant did a great job with the food and service. For the gender reveal, Sam and Brad brought cupcakes filled with colored frosting which were handed out after lunch. They instructed us not to cut into them until they gave the go-ahead, but when they did, we were greeted with pink frosting! They’re having a girl! We are so happy and excited for them and can’t wait to meet our granddaughter!

Pics of Rockford

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