6/1/17 – 6/2/17: We left Marquette on a beautiful sunny Thursday. The forecast called for 20% rain. We thought, “finally a day without rain”. That thought lasted about 10 minutes, as we hit every 20% rain area between Marquette and Munising. And, true to form, as we rounded the last corner before the marina, behold, the sun! As we looked at the town from the bay, we weren’t sure what to expect.

Eddie, the marina manager, greeted us at the dock. We paid our fees, got settled, and Eddie then gave us some very helpful information about the town. First, we walked to the grocery store, about 3 blocks away. It was then we noticed the various murals painted on the sides of buildings, and also the various works of art hanging throughout the town. Just like at a museum, there were framed paintings, along with little placards with the artist, year, and description of the piece. They were hanging on signposts and on the sides of buildings. It was really neat.

The lakeside itself is beautiful. There’s a small park and a pavilion, with many benches and picnic tables to sit at. The view of the bay from town is amazing. You look out over Grand Island and up a channel towards Pictured Rocks.

There are some very interesting places to eat in town. Our first dinner was at The Dog Patch, which words cannot do justice – you have to experience it first-hand. Our favorite, though, was lunch at Johnny Dogs. It’s known for its gourmet dogs; they have about 20 different kinds to choose from. We both had Elmer’s Chili Cheese Dog with jalapenos and fries. Excellent! For “desert”, we each had a Mac ‘N Cheese Eggroll, served with a ranch honey mustard sauce. Oddly delicious!

We had planned to stay only one night, however there were some storms predicted for Saturday, so we decided to stay an extra day here, rather than 2 at the next stop. Munising was a great town to visit. We both felt that if it were someplace warmer, it would be perfect town to live in.

Next stop: Grand Marais for a quick overnighter to wait out the storms.

Pics of Munising

6 thoughts on “Munising

  1. We lost you going from Marquette to Munising and there to Grand Marais where you show up again. Nice pics. Keep ’em coming. Hope your weather clears soon.
    Love, Dad & Lin

    • We’re not 100% sure how the ground based AIS station work. Sometimes there are “dead spots” where you think there’d be coverage, and sometimes there’s coverage in the most remote locations. At least we’re being picked up again!

  2. Looks like a real neat place to visit, you guys are going to have so many memories. My kind of place to eat, amazing what you can put in a bun.

    • Munising was neat. One of our favorite stops so far. Just a tiny town but has everything you would need to live. We really liked it a lot.

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